Natalie Fornasier | Meet our UV Ambassador

We’re so excited to announce Natalie Fornasier as our ambassador for our new UV range release.

Natalie is an inspirational human, writer, advocate and Skinfluencer based in Sydney, Australia and is currently living with stage IV Melanoma cancer.

Using her voice and her writing, Natalie continues to lead important conversations around our attitudes towards sun-safety and helping to breakdown the stigma around Cancer — all whilst being an incredibly genuine and awesome person.

It truly is such a privilege to work with Natalie, so here is a little more around the who, the what and the why:

What does a typical day look like for you?

It depends if it’s a cancer treatment day or just a general day. On cancer treatment days, it’s pretty mundane in that it’s going to the hospital for treatment and being there for 3–4 hours while it’s done. I get pretty tired from it so I tend to come home and sleep a lot for the rest of the day and the day after. If it’s not a treatment day or week, I work for myself as a writer, copywriter and content creator. So there’s always something to do whether that be coming up with a new brand’s tone of voice or shoot content for Instagram!

What is something not a lot of people know about you?

I’ve broken a lot of my fingers playing netball throughout the years so they’re a bit wonky!

What motivates you?

Life! A simple answer, but given my circumstances, it is the most true.

How has your relationship with the sun, and towards UV protection evolved over time?

Given that I have Stage IV Melanoma, I’m actually quite scared of the sun and what it can do to one’s skin. Granted, my melanoma wasn’t caused by the sun’s rays but that doesn’t stop me from being cautious. Especially now, as I’m on immunotherapy which makes my skin a lot more sensitive to the sun so I have to look after it! When I was younger, I was a lot more carefree. Now, I’m diligent and make sure to read the UV rating and plan my day according to the weather — like making sure I’m not outside at the hottest part of the day and reapply my sunscreen! I have lymphoedema meaning my leg is swollen due to lymph build up from cancer surgery, it dictates a lot of how I spend my days and in summer time — its positively the worst. I don’t really go out much due to it as it’s too hot for my body to handle.

What are your must-have items for when you are out on a sunny adventure?

Sunscreen, clothing that covers your body properly, a UV umbrella, a hat, sunglasses and a lot of water!

What is your favourite way to spend a day off?

Being a couch potato! I’m a home body, so I love being at home and tinkering about the place but at night time I love being out so the best day would be taking is super slow, reading my books or scrolling TikTok and then go out for dinner.

What was your last great read/listen?

Circe by Madeline Miller. It’s a book that’s stayed with me ever since I finished it. Really recommend it to all!

Where can people go to find out more information around Melanoma and being sun safe?

My Instagram! But the gold standard is the Melanoma Institute of Australia Website and The Cancer Council Website.

Any top tips to share?

Book in for your skin check annually, commit to wearing sunscreen and normalise sun safety behaviour! It’s not something we should laugh at or think of as ‘uncool’ — protecting and looking after one’s health is the best thing a person can do.

The BLUNT UV range will be available on both our Metro and Coupe models with protective fabric that blocks 99% of UV rays and has a 50+ UPF rating* in 3 fun colours.🌞

*BLUNT UV umbrellas should be used along with a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen & suitable clothing for best protection.

The BLUNT UV range is available to shop on the Australian and New Zealand online stores from the 16.09.21.

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