BLUNT x Liz Harry | Limited Edition Collaboration

BLUNT Umbrellas
3 min readJun 21, 2022


Meet our colour lover from Liverpool, Liz Harry.

This remarkably talented UK-based illustrator and graphic artist has put her signature colour ‘pop’ spin on our beloved BLUNT Metro. Featuring playful icons that embody travel and tapping into our brave and carefree spirit, this design screams ‘adventure whatever the weather’!

We caught up with Liz to chat about the collaboration and her creative process.

BLUNT Umbrellas x Liz Harry Metro

What is the inspiration behind this design?

Inspiration for this design came from vintage travel posters and luggage labels — but as our adventures have been very localised through the pandemic I tried to imagine what a travel poster would look like if it were for a trip to the park down the road — or a muddy walk — what icons would be on there? What sights would I cross as I walk round my neighbourhood? Then created it in with own illustrative spin!

How and why did you choose the phrase ‘adventure whatever the weather’?

The umbrella design was conceptualised over lockdown, during the first year of the pandemic and moments outdoors had become more vital than ever! Many of my fond memories that year were all outdoors — visiting the blossoms in spring, picnics in the summer, muddy walks in the autumn — and sledging in the winter. If there’s a lesson that’s been embraced over our lockdown time it’s that we can’t wait for fair climates to get outside and connect with the replenishing energy of nature — we wanna enjoy it all year round!

BLUNT Umbrellas x Liz Harry Metro

How would you describe your style?

Well…it’s definitely not monochrome! I adore the joy of colour, I find it exciting and invigorating, so both my personal and artistic styles embrace a bold use of colour.

What inspires you as an artist?

I’m always inspired by vintage ephemera and packaging, and any hand drawn lettering from old advertising. I fondly recall watching old technicolour movies on the TV when I was younger most weekends and there was always a lot of kitsch, vividly coloured styling with huge dance numbers and as a young kiddo I just loved it all. It’s all fed into my creative practice and when I have to start a new project I’ll always look back at vintage packaging, movies and objects.

BLUNT Umbrellas x Liz Harry Metro

How do you choose which brands to collab with?

I think I’m naturally drawn to brands that also show similar leanings towards experimenting with bold colour palettes. As innovation comes from natural curiosity and playfulness it definitely calls to me if they’re doing what they do in a unique way instead of following what everyone else does. And lastly it’s those finishing touches that are telling, if a brand invests in quality presentation, whether it’s virtual or physical, you know they love what they do — and aren’t driven solely by profit — that means a lot to me as a creative.

What has been your favourite part about collaborating with BLUNT?

Honestly, when that brolly landed in my hands I was so wowed by the quality and how JOYFUL the finished thing looked — it’s amazing how emotive holding something tactile can be — especially when it’s got your illustrations all over it!

Besides that, the whole team have simply been a dream to work with!

The BLUNT x Liz Harry Limited Edition Metro is available to shop in the UK and AU. Available in NZ on the 7th of July.



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