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BLUNT Umbrellas
3 min readAug 25, 2020

Meet Jasmine Dowling - the Brisbane-based creative behind Studio Jasmine, known for her dreamy colour palettes and hand lettering. We caught up with Jasmine to chat about the BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Limited Edition Collaboration and what it’s like to bring her work to a totally new canvas.

Jasmine Dowling of Studio Jasmine

What has been your favourite part of collaborating with BLUNT?
One thing that I really appreciated during the process of collaborating with BLUNT was that it was a true collaboration with trust behind it. My favourite moment was when I first received the sample. To see it all come together, down to the packaging was so exciting.

What is the inspiration behind the design?
I put myself in the position of pulling out an umbrella on a rainy day. I am feeling cozy and I have to go out into the wet, it is dark and rainy so I want my umbrella to bring a bit of light into my day. I wanted the BLUNT + Studio Jasmine umbrella to bring joy through the abstract painted foliage design in colours that instantly make me feel happy and positive.

Talk us through the process of making the BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Limited Edition Umbrella.
For me it always starts with thinking about the end customer/viewer. Thinking about how they will interact or experience the end result. From there I’m able to let that inspire me and take it to paper, whether it’s tearing or cutting it up to create shapes or painting strokes.

BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Limited Edition Collaboration

How do you decide which brands to collaborate with?
I always love brands that are doing something unique with integrity. Brands that are not only creating great products, but also want a truly collaborative process so that others can succeed too.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Gummy lollies. They make me feel sick every time but I love them.

How do you best switch off and unwind?
If I am at home — showering because I can’t be on my phone. It helps me disconnect and separate my home life from my work-from-home life, so I always do it before and after work. Otherwise my favourite way to switch off is going to the coast.

We are all about quality over quantity. What is your favourite investment piece you own?
Definitely my Acne Studios leather jacket. I bought it on a trip to Paris so it holds sentimental value to me, but also was a great investment considering cost-per-wear after four years of constant love.

BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Limited Edition Collaboration

The BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Umbrella is inspired by the tranquility and optimism that comes with being immersed in nature. The hand-painted foliage design is reminiscent of nostalgic pressed flowers. In autumnal hues of peachy pink, sunflower yellow and burnt copper, the palette reflects the signature Studio Jasmine aesthetic.

“On even the most gloomy of days, this umbrella will inspire creativity.”



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