We have so ‘mushroom’ in our hearts for our latest collab with Melbourne-based Kiwi Kelly Thompson! We caught up with Kelly to chat about collaborating with BLUNT on two stunning designs for the new season.

BLUNT + Kelly Thompson Limited Edition Metro in apricot

What does a typical day in the life of Kelly look like?
It’s looking pretty varied at the moment as I now have an online store www.makersmrkt.com which really took off during lockdown. I start my day with breakfast and a dog walk before doing what I call “An hour of power” an uninterrupted hour of emails only, I think it needs to be more hours…

Meet Jordan Debney — the New Zealand born, Melbourne based creative known for his distinctively unique illustrations, streetwear graphics and woodcut paintings. We caught up with Jordan to chat about the BLUNT + Jordan Debney Limited Edition Collaboration and his creative process.

BLUNT + Jordan Debney | Limited Edition Collaboration

What is the inspiration behind the design?
I wanted to create something BLUNT customers would have never seen before on an umbrella, I wanted it to “breathe life” and be something a BLUNT customer would use to provide a certain level of self-expression. I am pretty expressive myself with my art and with my physical appearance and I find…

Meet Jasmine Dowling - the Brisbane-based creative behind Studio Jasmine, known for her dreamy colour palettes and hand lettering. We caught up with Jasmine to chat about the BLUNT + Studio Jasmine Limited Edition Collaboration and what it’s like to bring her work to a totally new canvas.

Jasmine Dowling of Studio Jasmine

What has been your favourite part of collaborating with BLUNT?
One thing that I really appreciated during the process of collaborating with BLUNT was that it was a true collaboration with trust behind it. My favourite moment was when I first received the sample. …

Having built her brand over many years, Flox is one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists, redefining what it is to be a practising artist in the 21st century. Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of New Zealand’s environmental taonga (treasure), while the work continually aspires to wider international audiences.

We caught up with Flox to ask the big questions we all want to know…

Tea or coffee?
Coffee all the way baby.

What’s your favourite snack?
Little Bird cacao and raspberry macaroons.

What is one thing you do for you every day?
Stop and think…

We caught up with Lizzie Snow of ‘fortyonehundred’ to chat about the inspiration behind the BLUNT + fortyonehundred limited edition umbrella and her process of creating and making.

We are so excited to be collaborating with you and bringing a BLUNT + fortyonehundred Limited Edition to life. For those who may not know of you, please tell us a little about yourself, your background and where you are based.

I am so excited to be working with you too! My name is Lizzie Snow, I am a 24-year-old visual artist working under my artist name ‘fortyonehundred’. …

BLUNT Umbrellas

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